Remember when you were a child...  Grandma would spend all day in the kitchen, cooking delicious meals and desserts "the old-fashioned way?"



Wish you could relive some of those wonderful childhood memories of Grandma's cooking?  Grandma didn't even need to read a recipe or use a measuring spoon...she just somehow "knew" what the right amount of ingredients were.  That's what makes Grandmas so great!  Don't you wish you knew how to cook like that, to smell the pies baking, to taste the delicious cookies again?  Well, you can, with...


Like Grandma


Used to Make


A Collection of Over 300
Old-Time Recipes!



Brought Artfully into the 21st Century 

Originally published in the late 1800s, Like Grandma Used to Make is a collection of favorite recipes compiled by women's club members looking to raise money for a trip they wanted to take together.


We have painstakingly brought these classic recipes into the 21st century by compiling them into Like Grandma Used to Make, an easy-to-read ebook (short for "electronic book") so that these mouth-watering recipes can be easily enjoyed once again! 


You can navigate seamlessly through Like Grandma Used to Make and jump from recipe to recipe.  Plus, this ebook is printable, so you can have a hard copy to refer to while in the kitchen.



Take a Peek at What's Inside!

Like Grandma Used to Make consists of over 300 total recipes for all types of meals, including dinners, desserts, sauces, beverages, and everything in between!  You'll receive recipes for...

  • Tea, cocoa, and coffee

  • Breads

  • Soups

  • Fish

  • Sauces

  • Meats

  • Sweetbreads

  • Poultry

  • Game

  • Vegetables

  • Eggs

  • Salads

  • Doughnuts and fritters

  • Preserves

  • Pickles and catsup

  • Cheeses

  • Pies

  • Puddings

  • Cakes

  • Cookies

  • Creams, Jellies, and Custards

  • Ice Creams

  • Candies



Like Grandma Used to Make comes complete with Master Resell Rights and professional sales kit. Upon purchase, you will receive:

  • 177 Page Ebook Like Grandma Used to Make in Adobe PDF format, so it can be read on almost any computer! 

  • The ability to brand the ebook with your name and website.

  • Full Master Resell Rights, so you can begin selling this ebook within minutes of receiving it.  You keep 100% of the profits!  Plus, you are able to pass along these same resell rights to your buyers!

  • Professionally Designed Graphics Pack.

  • Web Sales Letter that can be easily edited to include your information.

  • "Sales Guide & Resources" document to assist you in reselling this ebook.


Generous Terms of Use Allow for Maximum Distribution

You are free to sell this ebook Like Grandma Used to Make and keep 100% of the profits. To respect the value of this package in its entirety, you must sell this ebook for a minimum of $2.95 USD.  Suggested retail price is $6.95.


Your Master Resell Rights license allows you to do the following with this ebook (including any sales materials that accompany it):

  1. Grant others the Master Resell Rights to this ebook.

  2. Brand it with your name and web site info.

  3. Store it on a hard drive, web site, CD, or other storage medium.

  4. Sell it on eBay and other auction sites.

  5. Include it on a membership site.

  6. Include it with an ebook package that sells for a minimum of $2.95.

  7. You may print this ebook out for your own personal at-home reading.

You MAY NOT do the following with this ebook (including any sales materials that may accompany it):

  1. Give it away as a stand-alone gift.

  2. Alter it in any way. Except for branding mentioned above, the entire ebook must remain exactly intact.

  3. Claim the copyright as your own.

  4. Distribute for sale or otherwise in any printed version whatsoever.  (For example, this means you may not print it out and bind it as a hard copy book for distribution.)


These Terms of Use are generous enough to allow for maximum distribution, but still protect your investment and the market value of the ebook.  Everyone wins!



Eat Great Food Again with


"Like Grandma Used to Make"


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