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Dear Fellow Lawn Fanatic,

Does the sight of your yard when you come home after a long day send you into a downward spiral of depression?

Have you tried all of the gimmicks, home remedies, and brand-new tools as soon as they hit the market, only to have your lawn stay the same crispy brown it always is?

Are you absolutely desperate to have your lawn become the glittering, lush, thick carpet of beautiful grass your neighbor mows all the time, but don't have the time or money to invest in professional lawn care service?

You don't have to curse your front yard every day.

You can do something about it.

And that something is right in front of you.

You need:

"Loving Your Lawn Care"

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Your lawn is a source of pride or pain, the crown jewel of your block or the dirty black mark nobody wants to talk about. You want your lawn to look as beautiful as the ones you see on television, in magazines, and even down the street, but you don't have hundreds of dollars at your disposal.

What if you could upgrade and maintain your lawn for only a little bit more money than you spend right now?

If you have the right knowledge and tools at your disposal, you can turn your grass into that ideal vision you've always dreamed about! You just need to know a few key points about fertilization, soil selection, growth, aeration, and some others, and then you can go on to build that lawn of your dreams.

It's not as overwhelming as it seems even from the paragraph above. The information is the key point, and what you do with the information is what will save and upgrade your grass.

Get information about building a lawn from the ground up AND how to keep it as gorgeous as it looked when it was first installed. Plus, detailed and illustrated section about the dangers of erosion and how to prevent this common problem!


If you think that building your dream lawn will take years...

If you think that you'll be bored out of your mind reading a book about grass growing...

If you think that your money is better spent just trying to make your yard look passable...

You're Positively Wrong.....

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You've seen that huge section of lawn and garden books at the bookstore and library.

They look like encyclopedias and read like them, too! They contain information about so many different types of plants and grass that it's nearly impossible to figure out exactly what you need to do in your particular situation. You need something that goes step-by-step in creating yard utopia.

Here is just a sampling of what you'll find in this lawn lover's dream reference book...


  • What is the Very First Step Toward a Great Lawn - It ain't the type of grass you use! (It's all on Page 6!)

  • 2 Surefire Way to Make Weeds Weep! (Page 8)

  • How to get rid of those mushrooms in your grass... for good. (Page 9)

  • Why does having a healthy lawn even matter? (Page 11)

  • 3 great grasses! (Page 13)

  • When to Water. (Page 14)

  • Why people really want to have nice grass and a beautiful lawn . (Page 16)

  • The Secrets of Soil. (Page 17)

  • 4 types of soil, and what each one means to you. (Page 19)

  • Seed or Sod? Which to Choose and When. (Page 24)

  • 10 steps to instant gratification from your grass. (Page 28)

  • What Your Location Means to Your Lawn and How to Make it Work for You.. (Page 29)

  • The one thing that could be ruining your lawn without you even realizing it. (Page 41)

  • How to Let Your Lawn Eat Right. (Page 53)

  • 4 Reasons to Fertilize. (Page 54)

  • How to Break the Fertilizer Code. (Page 55)

  • How to deal with drought. (Page 58)

  • 8 Ways You Can Counteract Water Restrictions and Drought Conditions Without Losing Your Lawn. (Page 58)

  • Selecting the perfect sprinkler for your grass and needs. (Page 61)

  • 4 Methods for Knowing When to Water. (Page 63)

  • The sports equipment that can make your grass greener... it's probably already in your closet! (Page 68)

  • Clay Counteracting Your Care? Launch Your Attack! (Page 70)

  • The #1 detriment to a beautiful lawn... and why you're probably the one inflicting the most damage. (Page 72)

  • Ways of Dealing With Weeds... Organically. (Page 76)

  • Real-life success stories and how you can become one yourself! (Page 97)

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Check out the layout...

This book's biggest asset is its reader-friendly format.

  • Photos and Illustrations - Pages upon pages of big, colorful photos that show you exactly what to do and the result of your work.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions - Simple, easy to follow directions about what to do, when to do it, and how to contend with any problems you might encounter along the way.

  • Fun, Funky Language - You don't want to read about professors in labs, you want to read about people just like you! Follow along as Scott Greenlawn helps his neighbor, Bud Brownmud go from mud to magnificent.

  • One-Click Information Access - Every section is linked directly from the comprehensive table of contents.

Hints, tips and facts on every page...

No boring lectures about watching the grass grow here! Nearly every page you read contains one or both of these fun boxes:

  • Helpful Hints - Follow these section-specific tips that are sure to make your life -- and lawn care -- simpler.

  • Did You Know? - Break out with these fun facts at your next dinner party and you're sure to break the ice!

Best of all....

It's completely digital

that means...

  • Your overflowing bookshelves get a break,

  • You can print and waterproof the sections that help most and post them in your lawn care area as reminders... or just save them on your computer,

  • You can access what you want when you want just by clicking a button, and

  • The entire book is searchable!

Digital Books are the best value for your money.

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Sound pretty good so far?

I've left the best for last!

This book typically sells for $6.95, which would normally be a fantastic bargain. Have you priced any of the lawn care reference guides at the home warehouses or bookstores? They charge almost twice that for less information relevant to you! But... because I think that a homeowner with a nice lawn is a homeowner with confidence, I want to twist your arm and convince you completely that you need to buy it immediately.

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Loving Your Lawn Care

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P.S. Loving Your Lawn Care will be, hands down, the most valuable purchase you'll make for your home this year. It'll guide you through creating and maintaining the lawn everyone on your block wishes they could grow and will have you beaming with pride whenever you walk out the door.


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