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From: The Desktop of PLR Private Label Rights


Dear Affiliate Marketeer,

I had enough! I really had enough!

You see, I turned into serious affiliate marketer in the year 2002, and over the years, my income climbed steadily until...


All Is Well Until The Birth Of Name Squeeze...

Yes, until name squeeze technique were revealed and widely abused by the merchants.

Excuse me? Abused?

Yes! My commission were flushed out into the stinking drain because of that. Many others suffered this un-avoidable fate too. And I believe you are affected too, aren't you?

So, wouldn't you agree that it is an outright abuse?

Alright, let's say that name squeeze techniques is perfectly legal. It is a way for Internet Marketers to capture emails of potential customers to build their list, so that they can follow up with them until they are convinced to buy their offerings.

"Let's Face It: Affiliate Marketer Loses Out To
Name Squeeze Pages!"

But as an affiliate marketer like you and me, wouldn't you be concerned about the meager commission that you have to survive on?

I don't know about you, but I was certainly worried...

I have my house installments to pay... I have my car installments to pay... My 2 kids are growing by the day, and their expenses grow as well... My wife was complaining that we have not been traveling lately...

Now, this was just frustrating! I spent countless night counting the little money (and sheep too!) to make ends meet...

OK, even if you're making enough to pay all your bills and loans, wouldn't you want to make more?

"It's Not Fair... You Should Be Getting More Than
What You're Getting Now!"

Imagine those commission which you've missed out. If they are now in your hand, what more can you do with it?

Buy a new car? Buy you loved ones a little surprise present? Take them out to an expensive dinner tonight? You see, if you have gotten hold of those missed out commission, your life would have been much better, isn't it?

Kathe Lucas

Thanks so much for allowing us to review "All You Wanted To Know About Squeeze Pages". As always, your writing is like a breath of fresh air in our smog filled industry.

You never fail to produce easy to read, yet informative reports loaded with useful resources and statistics that drive home points many other marketers rarely think to share.

Let me know when you launch this publically. We would love to add it to LaunchAlerts.com and I know our subscribers would appreciate your insightful ideas and convictions regarding the how's, why's and importance of the use of squeeze pages.

Keep these great reports coming! :)

Happy Squeezing,

Kathe Lucas

I'm not much into affiliate marketing, but because of the easy and quick money it offers, I gave it a try.

Sales was so-so. My keenness on promoting affiliate products was also so-so.

Then come David's "Name Squeeze Secrets Revealed"

Well, arming with his amazing 6 methods, I worked on improving my sites promoting affiliate products.

Wow, am I amazed! My affiliate sales nearly doubled within a week! It now accounted for 36% of my income from the Internet.

Guess what? I'll do more affiliate marketing now! *wink*

Well, with this extra money, I could do more with my life.

Thank you so much, David!

C. Guan Soo

But, those rightfully-yours commission has wriggled and slipped your grip because they are squeezed out of your hand mercilessly with... you name it: name squeeze techniques!

"So, is this name squeeze technique deadly?" you may ask.

"This Is One Simple Example How You'll
Lose Out From Name Squeeze!"

Consider this scenario:

You know a friend is looking for a particular product, and you know just a perfect shop which offers such product with excellent service. You 'recommended' (pre-sell) to your friend, and brought (refer) her to the shop. Based on your recommendation, she's fired up and wanted to make the purchase instantly.

However, the shop assistant wouldn't let her see the product, or make the purchase, until and unless she fill in her personal particulars (name squeeze).

And Her Next Step?

Think about it now. Wouldn't her fired-up desire to buy the product been doused completely? And does she feel that her personal particulars safe with the shop assistant?

So, the most probable thing she'll do next is to hit for the door!

Lost sale. Lost commission. Period.

Your Commission Is At Stake!

In online sense, it's the same. And with a devastating affect: Your lost commission!

You've probably known about this, and are searching for solutions. You would probably say the same: "I had enough!", wouldn't you?

Well, if you were me, I'm sure you would do what I've set out to do: I dig into various resources; I asked fellow affiliate marketers; I interviewed programmers; and I tested tons of methods and ways, and now...

You're about to own the right solution.

"Give Me 5 Minutes And I'll Show You
How I Increased My Conversion To 30%"

Ever since then, my conversion easily touched 30%, which means, for every 10 subscribers referred by me who opted-in to my vendor's list, 3 bought the product.

And my commission?

Rightfully credited to me, of course!

Now, that really doesn't matter because, let's talk about you and your commission income.

How much more do you thing you should rightfully make, through your affiliate marketing?

How Much You Want To Make Today?

Now, take a piece of paper and pencil, and write down "How much more commission I should be making each month from now on:" followed by a figure you WANT to earn.

Then read on, because I'm going to share with you how to beat name squeeze flat, easily and quickly, so that you can giggle, snigger and chuckle all the way, non-stop, to your bank, starting today! (And earn that FIGURE you've just written down!)

And here's the compact, fluff-free and BS-free e-report which you can grab today to... yes, you got it - beat name squeeze:

"Name Squeeze Secrets Revealed!"

In this solid e-report, you'll:

Slice Name-Squeeze open, inside-out and outside-in, and discover why as high as 50% of the visitors can virtually be a gold mine for the publisher. (And how you can turn that gold mine around for you!)
Revealed: How you can use squeeze effectively to build your own list before referring them to the publishers.
Discover the 3 types of emails used after your subscriber opt-in to your list and increase your sales up to as high as 12.61%!
How I've lost more than 90% of my list by using the wrong autoresponder service, and how you can avoid that depressing mistake today!
Discover the 'good' news to Affiliate Marketers, like you and me, when the publisher uses pure name squeeze technique to double, triple and quadruple his or her list.
Avoid the Deadly Duo: the 2 surefire ways to lose your sales when your refer your traffic to the publisher's name squeeze page instead of the sales page. (And sadly, many affiliate program e.g. Clickbank cannot allow you to by-pass the name squeeze!)

"Finally: The Super Six Methods You Can Use To
Secure Your Affiliate Commissions, Whether
The Publisher Is Using Name-Squeeze Or Not

The Essence: Master the Super Six Methods: the 6 guaranteed methods you can use to secure and increase your commission, whether the publisher is using name squeeze page or not!
Apply the Fantastic Four Steps: the 4 must-do steps when you join any affiliate program to make sure that your marketing effort will not be flushed down the drain!
And many more!

Yes, in the e-report, I'm going to reveal to you the secrets of making your affiliate sales - without having to worry about the vendor using, or not using, the name squeeze page!

"Guaranteed: With Or Without Name Squeeze,
You'll Still Make Money!"

Either way, with or without name squeeze, your sales is secured. Your commission is yours to keep. Guaranteed.

What's more?

Here's your assurance:

Your All-You-Can-Earn Commission For A Meager Investment Of $5.95 Only Today!

Looks great!

But wait, David... why are you doing this? Wouldn't this increase your competition?

You see, there are thousand and one niches in internet business, and no one can absolutely be involved in all of them. Competition is not relevant.

Besides, the market is so huge out there!

And the knowledge you've gained with this e-report will be definitely working to your absolute advantage.

And don't forget...

It's For Limited Number Of People Only...

That's right, it will be limited so that you won't be up against each other, or even with me.

So, I wouldn't consider further for even one second if I were you.

What if I give this a pass today?

It's perfectly fine with me. I've put forward this offer to help you, as an affiliate marketer to grab more money that is on the table, whether the vendor uses name squeeze or not.

Can You Afford To Give This A Pass?
Can You Afford To Give YOUR Income A Pass???

If you're not concern about the loss commission that you're suffering, it's your call anyway.

I started affiliate marketing not long ago. At first, I made a few sales and I was absolutely exciting about the opportunity offered by the Internet.

After a while, the sales seemed to have vanished. No sale. No sale. No sale. Frustrating!

I was wondering what was happening until I went over to my vendor's site! Lo and behold! It's a name squeeze page!

I was lost. I didn't know what to do, until I got hold of David's "Name Squeeze Secrets Revealed"

Amazingly, my sale started to pick up again. And now, I am really excited.

David, thank you for sharing your information, and most importantly, rebuild my confidence in making money from affiliate marketing!

Janice Hoo

If you want to get the best out of your name squeeze, then this is the ebook that you need to read. 

Multiple straight to the point tips and strategies to optimizing your name squeeze marketing efforts for best result ... at last, no more beating around the bush.


But then, there's one more question you've probably not getting yet...

Remember the top of the letter?

Here Are 2 Reasons Why I Don't Ask For Your Name
And Email In This Letter (There're 3, Actually!)

It says that you won't find anywhere in this letter asking for your name and email, isn't it?

Simple. 2 reasons:

One, I'm not supportive of name squeeze technique. (Finally, a preacher who practices!)

Two, I'm confident that you'll click the order button because if you want to continue earning your affiliate commission, or boost your income from this very moment onward, this is the most sensible action you will take today.

Because if you don't, many others will.

Others Will Seize This Opportunity, And
They'll Probably Seize Your Commission As Well!

They'll grab those missing commission which could otherwise be yours.

And they will giggle, snigger and chuckle ALL the way, non-stop, to the bank, while you frown, groan and drool over the missed-out commission you should be getting...

I wouldn't wait, if I were you.

Another Secret...

In fact (3rd Reason): there's one simple technique I use in the e-report which is *guaranteed* to build my list without me using a name squeeze page! Like to know how I do it? Well, download a copy now and you'll find out today.

So, click the button below to download the secret scrolls to start making even more affiliate commission today:


Your friend,

PLR Private Label Rights

P.S. - Picture this: how much more you'll be making by investing just $5.95 today? Or would you prefer to groan over your missing commission by giving this a pass? Your call.

P.P.S. - Remember, unlike what most gurus teach, I don't ask for your name and email on this letter. But in the e-report, I use one simple method to build my list, even though I don't use a name squeeze page. Only way to find out this secret is... you guessed it: download the e-report now! Click here to download.





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