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"How To Install Virtually ANY Script On Your WebSite Yourself and Save Tons of Cash - Today!"

You'll discover what script installers hoped you'd NEVER learn. Just how SIMPLE it is to install virtually ANY Perl or PHP script on your website. Once you get this Incredible ebook you will have all the confidence to install your scripts yourself from that moment forward!

Once you read this step-by-step guide to installing scripts,
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Stop Paying Others to Install Your Scripts!


oesn't it just annoy the heck out of you when you purchase a nice new script - say an autoresponder, or a membership manager or something like that, and you find they want even MORE money to install it for you?

And doesn't it annoy you even more when their web page says something like, "Let our certified installer install this for only $xxx.xx", as if there's some deep, dark mystery to installing it? Certified??? Puhlease!!!

Great! So NOW here you are, trying to make heads or tails out of the installation instructions to see if you can do it yourself. Only you run into these strange words . . . such as cronjob; chmod; MySQL; Unix, cgi-bin - What the!?!? it's enough to make you crazy!

So now your nice new script sits on your computer, just waiting for you to scrape together a little extra cash to have a professional script installer put it in for you.

This is EXACTLY how it works. I know because I'm a script installer. I have installed HUNDREDS of scripts for many people.

I remember before my first installation how it all seemed so “mysterious” to me. It was one of those things that you see every day but pay no attention to. Sort of like telephone wires.

You can compare a website with no scripts installed with a house with no telephone lines. Nothing wrong with it. You can get by. But you can’t communicate with people unless it’s in person.

If you intend to run a business of your own, would you try to do it without telephones? Or even a computer? I would think not.

If you plan on trying to make money on the internet you will eventually need scripts installed – at least if you want to run your internet business correctly and more efficiently.

What kind of scripts will you need? Well, that will depend upon what your internet business or service is. Let’s look at a few examples of the types of scripts businesses use:

Newsletter/Ezine Autoresponders or list manager, article manager
Private Membership Site Membership management script, content manager, download manager, forum
Direct Sales Site Email capture, email follow up system, download manager, affiliate program, specialty scripts (such as a Re-Pricer, Special Offer Manager, automatic date changer)
Auction Site Auction software, forum or bulletin board, membership management

You get the idea. You could manage certain aspects of your web business, but you’d really be missing the boat in many ways.

By the way - did you notice the telephone poles in the background? ;)

I was just like you once. I did not know how to install a script. I didn't have the extra cash to have it done. It sat on my computer for weeks.

Until one day when I NEEDED my autoresponder installed.

So I researched, read, emailed people, made a complete PEST of myself until I learned how to install that script! And I DID! But I FRIED my BRAIN in the process. What a learning curve.

Know what I learned?

There's no mystery. No deep dark secret. Just having the right information.

Introducing Install Your Own Scripts

This comprehensive and detailed ebook was written so you can tell your script installer: "Take A Hike! Don't Need Ya!"

This clearly written, step-by-step script install ebook will have you installing your own scripts in no time at all. Here's what you'll discover:



Take the "Techno" out of Techno-Speak: Easy to understand definitions.

"Take you by the hand" tutorials using screen captures and actual scripts.

Surprise Super Secret bonus script - that you get to keep!

Handy server tools to gather needed information about your server quickly.

Little known resources where you can find TONS of free scripts that you can download and keep.

Guide to selecting free and inexpensive tools.

Unravel the mystery of setting up a database.

Learn how to automate your scripts.

Keep unwanted intruders out - password protection made simple.

How using one simple script can actually save your business - and you get it free!

Can I Install . . . ?

You're thinking, "I wonder if I'll be able to install  (fill in the blank here)?"

Well, the answer is, "Why Not?"

How about an autoresponder? YES!

How about a Link Management script? YES!

How about a Membership Management script? YES!

How about a Blog? YES!

How about a forum? YES!

Survey Package? YES!

Content Manager? YES!

Auction Site? YES!

Classified Ad Site? YES!

Bookmark Managers? YES!

Web Chat Scripts? YES!

Ad Trackers? YES!

Calendars? YES!

Just look at all of the functionality you can add to your websites. And you'll be able to do it yourself - FOR FREE!

Do you want to save even MORE money? In the resources section, there are links that can get you every one of those scripts above, or very similar scripts, absolutely free!

Let me ask you a question .

When you see a successful on line business, or marketer, what do you think helps them become so successful?

Can you imagine trying to maintain a mailing list without an autoresponder or list manager?

Or what about those successful marketers that run very popular forums (Can you can think of a couple)?

Then there are those "special" little scripts that automatically change a date, or will change the price of a product for you.

There's even one that will add a potential customers name to the web page. You know the kind I mean ?

These are just a few of the tools used. And they're all scripts. Can you imagine paying somebody to install every one of them for you?

A person could go broke!

Now don't get me wrong. If you LIKE paying someone to install your scripts, I would be happy to charge you. Just click the "Email Me" link at the end of this page and let me know.

But if you are tired of constantly paying to have the tools you need on your website, then you don't want to miss this ebook.

"OK Mike, I'm Convinced! Where do I purchase!"

Before I set out to write this super script install manual, I conducted a survey. I was delighted to learn that the average price people are willing to pay for an ebook like this is $67.00.

Believe me, that's WELL worth this price. That's the average cost of just one script installation.

That means after doing your first script installation, you've paid for this ebook.


But . . . I 'm not going to charge you $67.00.

As a special offering, which can change at any time without notice, you can grab yourself a copy for just $49.97 $39.97 Now Only $5.95!

I would hurry though. I fully expect this ebook to sell like hotcakes. That means I will be losing installation business. So I'll HAVE to make up the difference by raising the price.

The time to purchase this incredibly easy to follow ebook is BEFORE you pay for another script installation. Remember, I DO plan to raise the price. At any time and without notice. So get it for Only $39.97 $5.95! while you can.

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P.S. Do you remember the first time you learned something that enabled you to become just that much more independent? For example driving a car. Or maybe when you built your first web site.

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